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Effective tool for trading order flow analysis


Algovisor is a highly efficient way to analyze exchange data on the "quantum" level. Algovisor significantly broadens your analytical skills – the skills you can use to read the order flow. Algovisor visualizations will allow you to see the full information from the exchange and create trading strategies based on the order flow.

Algovisor is an innovative way to visualize the order flow on the event level. It boasts highly accurate market data and professional instruments.

Quant Chart – exclusive visualization of all order flow data. It scans algorithmic signatures and allows to manually detect algorithms.
Quote Run – advanced classical tape visualization with wide opportunities.
Quote Mapper – universal liquidity map. It is the best ever visualization for any scalper.

Algovisor team is aimed at improving trading experience of its users:



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Due to Algovisor, you can use signature analysis of algorithms. That is a new trend in technical analysis, allowing you to detect various algorithms including HFT by studying their "footprints" – signatures.

All solutions and technologies utilized by Algovisor are based on the trading experience of funded traders. We do mean it when we say, "Created by traders". That is why we are creating instruments that are of real use for real trading. Here is what makes us different from the great variety of other trading tools developers. They are happy to provide lots of useless indicators and modules to go with their tool - and then try to persuade you why it is impossible to survive without that specific tool.

Giving a try to Algovisor, you are starting a journey into a hidden world of microanalysis. In the end of this journey, you will get rid of all fantasies and illusions about technical side of trading.

The veil of secrecy is down! Now you can see every market's dimension clearly!