Q - What is my Algovisor login and password?

To execute Algovisor tool you need to log in. Use e-mail and password which you use to log in to the algovisor.com.

Q – Which data providers do you support?

Algovisor can connect to two different data providers: Rithmic (http://www3.rithmic.com/) and CQG (http://cqg.com) or you can get quote data by using NinjaTrader platform (http://ninjatrader.com).

Q – I have an error "CQG: Unable to create CELHost."

You should download and install CQG Trader before using Algovisor with CQG data provider. You can download CQG Trader from http://cqg.com/Support/Customer-Education/Getting-Started/CQGT.aspx

Q – No connection to NinjaTrader. What to do?"

Try run NinjaTrader and Algovisor as an Administrator. More information you may find here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/how-do-i-run-an-application-once-with-a-full-administrator-access-token

Q – I have an error "Personal private key not found"

Log in to the algovisor.com and download Personal private key, which will be available after subscription payment. Select key.cpr in dialog window.

Q - What about trading functionality?

Algovisor tool was originally created as tool for trading order flow analysis. You can't create Exchange orders using it.

Q - What are the system requirements for Algovisor?